Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday 21, 2013

Today, I decided to publish a blog, not knowing what to do. So I shared a poem that I had written.
I would like this blog to be about my thoughts , my life and what I'm doing now.
On Tues. of this week I decided to put in 16" cement pavers (digging out the grass & leveling with sand) in my lawn near one of my gardens. My spirit was willing but my body said, hell no". Now you have to realize I am a young 71 year old who likes doing her own thing. However, I do have 5 grandsons, so I better start asking them to do the heavy stuff! Right! The weather has been wonderful this week and Mani & I have set out in the yard several times enjoying the  warmth of the  sun on our faces and the occasional breeze, as I read my book. He keeps a close eye on me as he try's to catch the bumble bee, as it passes by.
 Friday, my youngest daughter & I went to The Outback for a nice dinner and lots of talking, just making it before the sky's opened up. We just don't do that as much as we should. It's important to keep in touch with your family. What's a telephone phone call or two?
Saturday brought sunshine , a breeze and mowing the yards. Whoa Wee!
Some of you may know of  Pinterest . I just love it. I must only allow myself 2 hours a day or I would be on there all day long. Check it out.
Being a retired art teacher, I've decided to make all my greeting cards for the year. So for the last few days, I've made 10 just for the month of May. Running out of card stock, I'll have to make a run to Michael's for supplies. I'm also a member of Swap-Bot, which gets me doing creative things on a daily basis. Will write more about this tomarrow.
I hope who ever reads this enjoys what I'm all about. BL

Country Spring

A country road down yonder way.
I think Springs around, its here to stay.
Have you noticed a new discovery everyday.
And how the wind makes the willow sway.
Or how the grass is greener after a rainy day.
How the red bud, isn't red,
but stands at the forest edge in all its array.
And how the dogwood dressed  all in lacey white,
with the daffodils nodding their heads very lazily as the breeze goes by.
And the foothills are kissed with a delicate green ,
letting us know Spring is here dressing the mountains before Summers here.
                                                                              an original poem by Barbara Linzey